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Автор: Jeffries Amanda. Perspectives. Advanced. Teacher
2137 р.

Perspectives. Advanced. Teacher's Book (+ Audio CD)

Код товара: 3230138
Perspectives teaches learners to think critically and to develop the language skills they need to find their own voice in English. The carefully guided language lessons, real-world stories and TED Talks motivate learners to think creatively and communicate effectively. In Perspectives, learners develop an open mind, a critical eye and a clear voice in English. Every unit explores one idea from different perspectives, giving learners opportunities for practising language as they look at the world in new ways. Students learn the critical thinking skills and strategies they need to evaluate new information and develop their own opinions and ideas. Students respond to the unit theme and express their own ideas confidently in English. Exam style task types and test taking strategies prepare students for a range of international exams. Книга для учителя, которая содержит методику преподавания, ответы к упражнениям учебника, дополнительные задания, фотокопируемые материалы, аудио- и видеодиски к учебнику.
Издательство: Heinle/Cengage Learn
Серия: -
Год: 2018
Страниц: 250
Обложка: ?
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